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Known as the Primate City of America, Santo Domingo is a metropolis full of charms and of great historical value, in whose streets the monumental traces of five centuries of history mix with its face of a modern and vibrant city, an interesting contrast that during its stay you must explore and enjoy.

Here, what history records as the meeting of two cultures took place, from the arrival of the Spanish colonizers on October 12, 1492, an event led by Admiral Christopher Columbus, and which marked the fusion of Spanish culture and Taíno, and later the African.

The natural abundance of Puerto Plata continues to amaze those who put their eyes on "The Bride of the Atlantic", as the locals call it. Cable Car Puerto Plata, the only one in the Caribbean, will take you to the top of the Loma Isabel de Torres with its beautiful botanical garden, where you have a panoramic view of the Atlantic coast with its more than 100 kilometers of beaches that adorn the many. In addition, Puerto Plata is home to colonial vestiges, including the largest collection of 19th-century Victorian houses in the Caribbean, the world's oldest amber fossils in the Amber Museum, and one of the region's first colonial fortresses, Fort San Felipe, dating from 1577.

As you walk through the streets of Santo Domingo you will discover that its wealth transcends the historical, as it is a cosmopolitan capital with a pulsating economic and commercial dynamism, being the main financial and business center of the country. It is a city that is not daunted, but day by day innovates in itself and will verify it by observing its modern architecture, where its avenues, its large towers and its buildings, which host important organizations and business groups, stand out. You will also confirm this by visiting its large shopping malls, located in the most strategic points of the city, just as if you are using its modern metro system, consisting of two lines that run through the city from north to south and from east to west.

Santo Domingo es una ciudad vibrante, dinámica y entretenida que le ofrecerá múltiples opciones para vivir unas relajantes e inolvidables vacaciones. Su encanto va desde sus museos y monumentos históricos, sus atractivos culturales, sus modernas plazas comerciales, su amplia y rica oferta gastronómica, su palpitante vida nocturna hasta el carácter alegre, bondadoso y hospitalario de los dominicanos.

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